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Market Trends in Cleveland

Number of Homes Sold in April 2022
Percentage of Homes that Sell Over Asking
Home Values Have Increased

Breakdown of Home Sale Times

213 Homes Were Sold Under 30 Days

98 Homes Were Sold In 30-90 Days

46 Homes Were Sold Over 90 Days

The Next Step Homes Group helps you sell your house in any condition. We’ve helped sellers in situations like these and more:

Selling As-Is

Rather than dealing with contractors and waiting for repairs to be finished, we can help you put your house up for sale immediately. Assuming your buyer has the funds (or access to a loan), our agents will help you speed to the finish line.

Home Inheritance

Selling a home provides immediate cash, assuming it is worth more than the mortgage after necessary repairs. This can be a relatively quick and easy way to make the most of a home inheritance without adding any future risks.


Committing to your job transfer means going “all in” on the next exciting chapter of your life. And when you commit to selling your current house for a job relocation, you also commit to less stress and more flexible cash on hand during job relocation.

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